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Important Orange and Red Bits

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Remember when your user manual reminded you to keep the important orange and red bits? Well, if the gremlins got to them first, here's your spare. These will lock the moving parts of your Glowforge in place so you can safely carry it around from place to place.  They are also required for shipping. Includes two pins that screw into the arm of your Glowforge to hold it in place, two silicone pads to protect the wheels in transit, and one clip to fix the laser head carriage in place so it doesn't slide back and forth.

What is Proofgrade?

Pre-finished, protected, and perfectly calibrated for guaranteed prints.
Proofgrade is the first line of materials beautifully designed and safety tested for laser cutting and engraving. Proofgrade materials are specifically formulated for the Glowforge 3D laser printer, and are outstanding for any CO2 laser cutter/laser engraver.