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Pro Passthrough Flap (Front)

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The Pro Passthrough flap is attached to the front door of your Glowforge Pro. It’s the flexible piece of rubber that hugs and provides stability for the material that you pass through the slot you’re making an awesome oversized print.

You may need to replace the flap if it develops any tears or damage, or if it gets permanently bent upward and doesn't hug the material anymore.

You can find instructions to install your Pro Passthrough flap here.

What is Proofgrade?

Pre-finished, protected, and perfectly calibrated for guaranteed prints.
Proofgrade is the first line of materials beautifully designed and safety tested for laser cutting and engraving. Proofgrade materials are specifically formulated for the Glowforge 3D laser printer, and are outstanding for any CO2 laser cutter/laser engraver.